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GAC Music Management

Achille Gallo

A poet on the piano

My Bio

Eclectic musician, imaginative, passionate, unconventional, far from academic formalisms, Achille
Gallo is considered a leading italian pianist whose exceptional qualities was quickly recognized in Italy
and far beyond.

He’s a pianist who knows how to reach the soul of music, thanks to his ability to leaves the score
behind and gets straight into the emotional world of the composer, capturing the essence of the soul.
He searches for the connection between the person who composed the music, revealing an underlying
world of sound. That requires a fine sensitivity and an emotional maturity which are nowadays a rare
gift in the world of musical art. Whoever attends his concerts will certainly live a deep experience.
Achille Gallo knows how to move you to the deep of the heart, getting into the inner world of the
composer making even too familiar pieces feel fresh, singing each note on the piano with strength and
intensity that only “a poet of the piano” (Bernardino Zappa – L’Eco di Bergamo) possess.
Gallo boasts 7 CDs across numerous record labels such as Neos Music GmbH,Velut Luna,Pheonix
Classics and Xclassics Records, has been named one of The Top 155 Pianists of The Future by USA
website Classical Pianists of The Future, has played with prestigious orchestras such as the Istanbul
State Symphony Orchestra and Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and much more. It is no doubt
that his worldwide accolades showcase his impressive talent as poet and virtuoso of the piano.


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Performance Highlight


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“..A poet of the Piano between the Chopin’s Waltzes.”

-Bernardino Zappa – Daily News Paper “L’Eco di Bergamo” - Italy

“... A pianist full of passion and exciting technically able of reaching the top of expressiveness beyond
any possible expectation”

-David W Moore - American Record Guide (01/01/1999) Cincinnati (Ohio) USA

“...The colorful music of Skriabin was rendered by Achille Gallo in an exalting way with a perfect
performance of the Sonatan.5 op. 53 ... Beautiful contrasts combined with spectacular virtuosity in the
"Allegro con Brio" of Beethoven's "Waldstein"sonata followed by an immaterial and intimate Adagio ...
A great recital!"

(Ger Van der Tang - Dordrecht Journal, Netherland)


Solo Finalist at the International Piano Competition Eduard Flipse in Rotterdam (Netherlands), ONLY Italian in the history of the competition

Top 155 Pianist of the future as a Master of the piano considered an influential and prominent figure in the world music industry (Classical Pianist of the future)

National President - WPTA-World Piano Teachers Association for ITALY (WPTA ITALY)

Artistic Director - International Piano Competition FAUSTO ZADRA

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