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GAC Music Management


 Custom Your Concert. Bring Classical Music to Your home!

Exclusively at Our Online Concert

Our Feature


Connect virtually with the world's most talented classical musicians in real-time.


Enjoy exquisite renditions and full concerts of orchestras and soloists from all around the world.


Deepen your knowledge of classical music by hearing questions answered live with professional artists.


Curate a personalized classical music concert experience by selecting our top-notch artists and customize your feature according to specific genres, artists, and personal song preferences. Chat with Customer Service and book it TODAY.

Choose Your Artists

Available Time

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: Closed

1. Check Our  Artists List

Check the list and select an artist to create memorable moments in your home.

2 . Pick Your Favourite Repertoires

Find your favorite repertoires from the artist you choose in step one. Inspiring your family and friends to become classical music fans again!

3 . Enjoy Your Concert

Request a quote or chat with us directly to let us know your needs. You will receive a confirmation email from our customer service after that. 

Our Services

Dive into Classical Music Concerts Live Streamed or On-Demand! Explore Classical Music World with Respected Musicians!

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“Such an amazing experience! Acoustically outstanding. Easy access.”


“ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!! An unforgettable performance from the talents. They are incredibly wonderful both in terms of musicianship and performing ability, amongst other things. A truly magical experience!”


“This is one of the best experiences I had, and I’m so glad I got to attend. Not only was it a great source of entertainment, I feel like I was uplifted and inspired by this live concert. Can’t wait for more!!!”

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