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GAC Music Management

Welcome to GAC Music MasterClass

Dream of becoming the next superstar? Stand out from the rest of the musicians with our highly intensive masters training program.  In GAC music management, we offer the most productive masters classical music course with the guidance under the most influential and top notch worldwide musicians. You will leave this course proud of yourself and feel ready for real world performances. When the course is complete, we will choose the most leading candidates and place them into performances.

Opening Classes Available 

Classical Music Performance

GAC Classical Music Performance MasterClass is designed to expand and develop young professional musicians’ capacities to work independently and collaboratively in classical music. The class aims to help students gain real-world experience with professional artists and be prepared to lead a life in the musical community as performers.

Classical Music Appreciation for ALL

You’ll begin with an introduction to the various elements of classical music — melody, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and form — to give you the basics and vocabulary of music theory to understand and appreciate any type of classical music. Anyone interested in classical music will benefit from this course.

More Options :Unlock Your Full Musical Potential

We also provide other expert private masterclasses on various instruments for classical music, and for students of all ages and all levels of musical ability. Working one-on-one with our finest musicians, masterclass students will explore their individual talents and interests, develop skills, and overcome challenges. 

Next Gen Masterclass & Adult MasterClass Program

Starting this summer, GAC Music is now offering online MasterClass. Our online MasterClass will be available on Zoom or FaceTime and scheduled at a time that works with your schedule. Contact us TODAY to get more information about our masterclass and Unlock your full musical potential with our world-class musicians!

​Customer Reviews

“It was a very nice course! I am able to understand the basics of music fundamental theory and how the notations and chords work. I learned a lot from this masterclass and would definitely continue to take it!”


“I came into this masterclass as a lifelong musician with limited knowledge of theory. However, I have learned more than just theory in the short time I spent in this masterclass than I have in the past decades I’ve been gigging.”


“What a wonderful course! The instructor was so knowledgeable, talented, and engaging!! The class truly increased my motivation to pursue my dream in the classical music space!”


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