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2024 USA Tour EPK



The Israel Haifa Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1950 and in recent years has become the focal point of musical life in Haifa and the north of Israel. The orchestra, which is the most significant musical institute in the north of Israel, has recently expanded its activities throughout the country. World acclaimed Maestro Yoel Levi, one of the most versatile musicians, is the artistic director of the HSO. The Israel Haifa Symphony Orchestra is supported by The Ministry of Culture and Sport & The Haifa Municipality. They are a sub-division of Ethos’ chaired by Adv. Igal Zeevi. Over five thousand subscribers of all ages attend various subscription programs: The Classical Series, The Friday Morning Classics, “Classikids” – The Children’s Series, The Israeli Song Series and a Big-Band Jazz Series. The orchestra also offers annual opera productions for the benefit of their northern audience. The orchestra has since gone on to travel around the globe, namely in the USA, captivating audiences with their eclectic sound and immaculate talent. The Israel Haifa Symphony Orchestra are true masters at their craft, bringing the greatest music alive in a modern setting. 

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We Go Above and Beyond

The Haifa Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with "Colombia Artists" USA performed over 35 concerts throughout northern America. The Haifa Symphony Orchestra has set the goal of bringing the tidings of culture all over the world. We find that such events are potential promotion of cross culture, education and of course excellent music.

The orchestra has a policy of encouraging and promoting original Israeli music and of giving an opportunity for Israeli soloists and conductors to perform.

The Haifa Symphony Orchestra received the Prime Minister's Award for being the leading performer of original Israeli compositions in Israel.

The orchestra has performed at venues across the globe including The Herzliya Center For Performing Arts, Haifa Auditorium, Bing Concert Hall, The Marin Center, The Anderson Center for The Arts, and more. 

“Not having heard this far northern orchestra for quite some time, one was in for a veritable surprise in the well-rehearsed, firmly consolidated rendition, rich and full sound, and remarkable transparence under Noam Sheriff’s baton”

- Ury Eppstein, The Jerusalem Post 

“A conductor of great stature, musically speaking, with a clear beat and marvelous rapport with his orchestra that produced a magnificent Viennese sound”

- Tom Steel, Gazette Journal


“Conductor Boguslaw Davidow invested his players with extraordinarily high energy and they responded with the highest level of musicianship and artistry”

- Alan Adams, The Las Vegas Review Journal


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PHONE: 845-608-2607

Aharon Harlap - Oded Zehavi 

Music From Six Continents 

Tzvi Avni 


Love & Unity 


Research shows that music quite literally heals the body. It lowers blood
pressure and relieves stress that many people experience- particularly while the world is living through such trying times. Haifa brings a particular sweetness to their craft that emphasizes this idea. They are known for their precision, personability, and outstanding performances. Audience members feel soothed by their melodies, easing the stresses of daily life and beyond.

Music is a part of the best moments of our lives, from singing happy birthdays to our favorite songs on the radio. It has the power to take turmoil and turn it into triumph. The pandemic has created particularly trying times for people around the world, but as with anything, music is here to provide healing It speaks of joy, of sorrow, and all the in between. Musicians who are able to take this and turn it into something incredible are truly special. The Haifa Symphony Orchestra is doing just that in 2024 as they make their way to The United States to share their craft with the country. They are bringing people together to experience the joy and magic that music can offer.

In 2024, The Haifa Symphony Orchestra will be taking a tour of The United States to heal communities and bring people together. With a vast repertoire and some of the world’s finest musicians, it is no doubt that they will do just that. This orchestra is prepared to bring joy back to our hearts again.

As long as spring is still there, even though darkness swallows the clouds, the sun still rises again. As long as there is life, even if trapped in the vast desert, the heart longing for an oasis is still there. As long as tomorrow is still there, winter snow will eventually blend into the bosom of the earth silently. As long as the music is still there, the cherry blossoms dance in the air.



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