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Paulius Andersson


About Me



Paulius Andersson, a Drozdoff Society Artist-in-Residence, is a Lithuanian-Danish concert pianist who has won over 16 international competitions throughout Europe. Paulius’s most recent achievement is a 2nd Prize at the prestigious S. Rachmaninov piano competition in Moscow in 2020. His recordings of N. Medtner’s “Night Wind” sonata and J.S. Bach-Busoni “Chaconne” were broadcast on the Dutch radio channel “Conzertzender." After hearing his performance of Medtner’s sonata “Night Wind," the renowned Australian pianist Geoffrey Douglas Madge praised Paulius for his incredible feeling for the timing and architecture of the work:

“I have no hesitation in saying that it's the best performance I have ever heard.” (Geoffrey Douglas Madge , 2021 January).

“Paulius Andersson is a wonderfully gifted pianist. Besides his great virtuosity, musicianship and sense of style, Paulius has his distinct artistic personality and a strong stage presence that wins the public.” (Eugen Indjic).

In 2021, he recorded N. Medtner’s 3rd piano concerto with Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2019 at Köln Funkhaus / WDR Sendesaal, Paulius performed chamber music by L.van Beethoven. The concert was broadcast on the German radio channel WDR. In 2017, he released his first CD recording consisting of works by L.van Beethoven, F.Chopin, F.Schubert, J.Vitols, and M.Ravel. He not only has been performing in the most prestigious concert halls in Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Poland, Finland, he’s also been frequently invited to take part in acclaimed International festivals in Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Belarus (such as Gradus piano festival, Pažaislis, Bistrampolis Christopher, M.K. Čiurlionis music among others.). In 2005, he was chosen to represent Lithuanian Culture in Japan. In 2012 Paulius has made his debut recital in Washington, D.C., USA.

Paulius has been surrounded by music since the very first day he was born; his family has been renowned musicians for generations (his mother Aleksandra Žvirblytė and his grandmother Veronika Vitaitė are established pianists and professors, and his grandfather Vytautas Žvirblis is a distinguished conductor). At the age of 5, Paulius started playing piano and drums and at age of 7, he enrolled in the National M.K.Čiurlionis Arts Gymnasium ( E.Miklaševskaja, prof. A.Žvirblytė). In 2018 Paulius finished his bachelor's degree studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (prof. Z. Ibelhauptas). In June 2021, Paulius graduated with distinction with his master's degree in performing arts at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Dusseldorf with Prof. Paolo Giacometti. Since the fall of 2021, Paulius has been pursuing an artist diploma degree at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami under the guidance of the famous American pianist Kevin Kenner. Paulius is a graduate teaching assistant there.

From the very young age of 5 Paulius started performing and throughout the years he performed throughout Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States. At the age of 11, he made his first debut with The St.Christopher Chamber Orchestra, conducted by D.Katkus, performing W.A.Mozart‘s concerto for piano and orchestra D-major.

At the age of 14, he performed S.Prokofjev Concerto for piano and orchestra No 1, W.A.Mozart triple piano concerto, and V.Barkauskas Trio concertante at The Grand Hall of The Lithuanian National Philharmonic with Lithuanian Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra. He has also played in The Grand Hall of The Lithuanian National Philharmonic with The Lithuanian Chamber and Lithuanian Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra, National M.K.Čiurlionis art school Symphony Orchestra conducted by Modestas Pitrėnas, Robertas Šervenikas, Martynas Staškus. In 2014 at The Grand Hall of The Lithuanian National Philharmonic, he performed S.Rachmaninov 3rd piano concerto with Lithuanian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Juozas Domarkas.

Every year Paulius is being invited to perform in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine - Stalowa Wola, Lublin, Czenstahowa, and Lviv Philharmonic and other important halls with Lviv Music Academy Symphony orchestra (conductors Yuriy Z.Bervetsky, Ihor Pylatiuk), Czenstahowa Philharmonic orchestra (conductor Ihor Dohovic). In 2012 Paulius has performed S.Rachmaninov 2nd piano concerto with Kutaisi state symphony orchestra (conductor Revaz Javakhishvili). In 2014 he performed with Voronezh state symphony orchestra (conductor Igor Verbitsky) In 2015- with Brest College Symphony orchestra, in 2018- with Brest Opera symphony orchestra ( conductor Alexander Sosnovsky), with Lviv Academy symphony orchestra, in 2019-with Lviv Philharmonic Symphony orchestra ( conductor Vlodymir Syvokhipa).

Paulius has championed numerous international competitions in France, Estonia, Ukraina, Russia, Poland, Lithuania (including „Konzerteum“ in Athens , „Musica classica“ in Moscow, N.Rubinstein in Paris, Resonances musicales in Paris, M.Judina in Sankt-Peterburg, „Art of XXI century“ in Kiev, „Music without limits“ in Lithuania the main price - Golden Parnas laureate title in the international festival “Bezcady bez granic” Poland. In 10 of them he was awarded with first price or Grand Prix. In 2018 he became a prizewinner in Neapolitan Masters piano competition ( Naples, Italy).In 2020 Paulius has won 2nd prize at the International S.Rachmaninov piano competition in Moscow

Paulius have been supported by Mstislav Rostropovich Foundation, Kauko Sorjosen foundation in Finland, Podkarpacką Fundacją Rozwoju Kultury (Subcarpathian Cultural Development Foundation), V.Spivakov Foundation. From 2013 Paulius is supported by Foundation “Gerasis Ruonis”. Most recently Paulius had received the prestigious scholarship of President of Lithuanian Republic Antanas Smetona for his achievement in music.

Piano and drums improvisation is another Paulius’ passion for which he also received prizes


Eugen Indjic
Paulius Andersson is a wonderfully gifted pianist. Besides his great virtuosity, musicianship and sense of style, Paulius has his distinct artistic personality and a strong stage presence that wins the public.

Prof. Saulius Sondeckis
..P. Andersson possesses remarkable technical ability, musical hearing and memory, as well as a talent for improvising. A charismatic performer, he moves audiences both with his temperament, as well as lyricism...In my opinion, Paulius Andersson is an exceptional talent, worthy of your attention and support...

Jaroslaw Drzewiecki
Paulius Andersson is one of the best pianists of the young generation in Europe. Paulius perfectly controls the sound and fully reveals color palette of the instrument. This is a very rare feature which regale listeners around the world. Moreover he has unlimited virtuosity skills which allows him to freely perform the most demanding pieces such as paraphrases, transcriptions and concertos for piano and orchestra. His interpretation of the works are well thought out, logical and innovative. Broad range repertoire allows him to freely plan every music project. Paulius Andresson is charismatic artist and his temperament arousing the enthusiasm of the audience. He is great representative of 21st century versatile artists.

Vera Nosina
Paulius Andersson is extraordinarily talented rising piano star in music world . His artistry , expressive temperament , remarkable virtuosity and high professional level clearly distinguishes him from other young pianists of his generation. Also, Paulius interpretations are very deep , well thought, philosophical and rich in colors. Despite his young age he is already a mature musician


2021 The Great Hall of National Lithuanian Philharmonic
N. Medtner Piano Concerto Nr.3
with Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra













Boxmeer and Njimegen in Netherlands. Solo Recital.
R. Schumann, N. Medtner
Köln Funkhaus / WDR Sendesaal. L. van Beethoven
Piano Trio in c-minor and Variations in E-Flat-Major
Robert Schuamann Saal in Duesseldorf. L.van Beethoven
Piano Trio, P. Creston Sonata for Piano and Saxophone
CKK Jordanki Concert Hall in Torun. E. Grieg Piano
Concerto No.1 with Torun State Philharmonic Orchestra
Mantzius Concert Hall in Copenhagen. Solo recital.
S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, V. Drozdoff, N. Medtner,
F. Chopin
C. Bechstein Center in Düsseldorf. Solo Recital.
S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, V. Drozdoff, N. Medtner,
F. Chopin
Sala Eutherpe Leon in Spain. Solo recital.
S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, V. Drozdoff, N. Medtner,
F. Chopin
Klaipėda Concert Hall, Lithuania. S. Reich “Radio
Rewrite” with Nico (New Ideas Chamber Orchestra)
Lviv Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine. S. Rachmaninov Piano
Concerto Nr.3 with Lviv State Philharmonic Orchestra.
Sala Scarlatti in Naples, Italy. Solo recital.
J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, S. Rachmaninov, S. Prokofiev.
Jaya Suprana Center of Performing Arts, Jakarta,
Indonesia. Solo Recital. M.K Ciurlionis, K. Bubnelis,
S. Prokofiev, M. Ravel, F. Chopin
Saint Mary Church, Paris, France. Solo recital.
M.K Ciurlions, K.Bubnelis, J.S Bach-F. Busoni,
F. Chopin, S. Prokofiev
F. Liszt Music Academy Great Hall, Gyor/Hungary.
F. Liszt, S.Prokofiev
Aarhus Musikhuset, Denmark. Solo recital.











A. Ginastera, M.K. Ciurlionis, S. Rachmaninov
Great Hall of National Lithuanian Philharmonic.
S. Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.3
with Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Kaliningrad Philharmonic Hall, Russia. Solo recital.
F. Liszt, M.K. Ciurlionis
Voronezh State Philharmonic Hall.
W.A Mozart Piano Concerto No. 17
with Voronezh State Philharmonic Orchestra
Great Hall of National Lithuanian Philharmonic.
L. van Beethoven Choral Phantasy
with M.K. Ciurlionis School Symphony Orchestra
Meskhishvili Theatre, Georgia.
S. Rachmaninov Piano
Concerto No. 2
with Kutaisi Opera Symphony Orchestra
Lithuanian Embassy, Washigton DC. Solo recital.
L. van Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, A. Ginastera,
D. Scarlatti, F. Liszt
Slovak State Philharmonic Hall, Košice.
L. van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3
with Czestochova Philharmonic Orchestra
The Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Hall, Lublin.
F. Liszt “Totentanz”
with Lviv State Philharmonic Orchestra
Czestochova State Philharmonic Hall.
F. Liszt “Totentanz”
with Lviv State Philharmonic Orchestra
Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall. F. Liszt “Totentanz”
with M.K. Ciurlionis School Symphony Orchestra
Gnessin Concert Hall in Moscow.


Concerto repertoire
J. S. Bach

Keyboard Concerto in D-minor BWV 1052

L. van Beethoven
Piano Concerto Nr. 3 in c- minor op.37
Piano Concerto Nr. 5 E- flat Major op.73
Choral fantasy op.80

W. A. Mozart
Piano Concerto in D-Major KV 40
Piano Concerto G-Major KV 453
Concerto for 3 pianos and orchestra in E-flat Major KV 246

S. Rachmaninov
Piano Concerto Nr. 2 in c- minor op. 18
Piano Concerto Nr. 3 d minor op. 30

N. Medtner

Piano Concerto Nr.3

E. Grieg

Piano Concerto in a-minor

F. Liszt

S. Prokofiev
Piano Concerto Nr. 1 in D flat major op.10

Piano Concerto Nr. 3 in C- major op.26

Vytautas Barkauskas
Trio concertante for 3 pianos and orchestra

M. Skoryk
Three extravagant dances for two pianos and string


Kristupas Bubnelis

Chamber concerto

J.S. Bach

Preludes and Fugues (selected)

French suite in G-Major

J.S. Bach - A. Siloti

Preliude in b-minor

J.S Bach –A. Borovski

„Jesu bleibet meine freude“

D. Scarlatti

Selected sonatas

W. A. Mozart

Sonata C-Major KV 545

C-Major KV 330


Sonata in C-Major Hob. XVI: 50

L. van Beethoven

Sonata op.1 in F-minor

Sonata op.10 Nr. 3 in D-Major

Sonata op.13 in C-minor

Sonata op.49 in G- minor

Sonata op. 57 in F-minor „Appassionata”

Sonata op. 78 in F-sharp Major

Sonata op.110 in A -flat Major

Sonata op. 111 in C-minor

F. Chopin

Sonata Nr.3 in B-Minor

Ballade Nr.4 in F-minor, op.52

Sherzo Nr.3 in C-sharp-minor

Nocturne op.9 Nr. 3, op. 49 Nr.1

Etudes op. 10 Nr 1,4,8,10,12

Op. 25, Nr. 9, Nr. 12

Waltzes op. 64

F. Liszt

Sonata in B-minor

Valee d‘Obermann

Hungarian Rhapsody N 6

12 Transcendental Etudes

J. Brahms

Sonata Nr. 3

Variations on a theme by Paganini, book 1

Rhapsodies op.79

S. Rachmaninov

Sonata Nr. 2 in b-flat minor

Preludes op.23 (complete)

Prelude op.32 Nr.5 G-Major

Morceaux de phantasie op.3-Prelude, Elegie

Etudes-tableaux op.33, 39 (selected)

N. Medtner

Sonata g minor

Sonata ''Night Wind'' in E-minor

A. Scriabin

Phantasy op.28

Preludes op.11

Etudes op.8 (selected), op.63 N 1

Waltz op.38

V.N Drozdoff

"Reflections at Chopin's Urn"

S. Prokofiev

Sonata No. 6 in A Major, Op. 82

M. Ravel

“Gaspard de la Nuit”

F. Schubert

„Wanderer fantasy” D.760 (Op.15)




Children’s album (complete)

C. Debussy

Selected preludes

A. Ginastera

Suite de danzas creollas

R. Schedrin

“Basso ostinato”

Marc-André Hamellin

Etude apres D.Scarlatti


Prelude, Toccata


Lullaby, Prelude, Valse-capprice

M. K. Čiurlionis

Preludes, Variations Sefaa Essec

Kristupas Bubnelis

‘’Hammers without a piano’’

Chamber music
L.van Beethoven

Sonatas for Piano and Violin:

Nr.5.Op. 24 in F- Major

Nr. 1 in D-Major

Nr.7 in C-Minor

Piano trio in C-Minor

Variations for Piano, Violin and Cello in E-Flat -Major

J. Brahms

Sonata for violin and Piano Nr.3 in D-minor op 108


Suite in the Old Style for Violin & Piano (Op.80)

E. Grieg

Sonata for Violin and Piano Nr.3 in C-minor op. 45

K. Szymanowski

Sonata for Violin and Piano in D-minor op. 9


Sonata for Violin and Piano Nr.3


Sonata for Violin and Piano

P. Creston

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano op. 19

B. Tuthill

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano

P.Max Dubois

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano

H. Kareva

Sonata for alto Saxophone and Piano

P. Maurice

“Tableux de provence” for Alto Saxophone and Piano

F. Latėnas

Rondo Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano

S. Reich

“Radio rewrite”



Quartet for the “End of the Time”

A. Honegger

Sonata for Viola and Piano

M. Ravel

Sonata for Violin and Piano

A. Babadjanian

Piano Trio

B. Smetana

Piano Trio


Sonata for Cello and Piano “Arpeggione”

Yevhen Stankovych

Sonata of the Serenades for Flute and Piano


​​​​​​Legende for Alto Saxophone and Piano


Prelude, Cadence et Finale for Alto Saxophone and Piano


Sonata for Cello and Piano in G-minor


"Never Ignore The Cosmic Ocean" for Violin and Piano



Music Skill

Teaching Skill


Performance Skill