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GAC Music Management

Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia

Talent Pianist


My Bio

Paolo Andreoli violin


This is a Project description. Tell us about your project here.


This is a Project description. Tell us about your project here.

Performance Highlight



“Giuliano is very good pianist and it’s nice to listen to him. He has great skills andease as a pianist. He expresses and guides the listener well. He wishes surely prove themselves in other repertoires as well. In the Schumann I have really enjoyed the dynamic nuances and differentiation of the different movements. Very mature Playng.“

“Arnold Gniwek”

“Giuliano is a mature pianist and it is a pleasure to listen to him. I love the narration of him in the music. He plays very engaging and Interesting. He brilliantly leads a long sentence, and singsong-philosophical tunes that people can immerse themselves in. He has great artistry on stage.”

“Daria Żurawlowa”

“Very interesting young pianist, he manages to combine technique and expression which thus become his strengths. Excellent and numerous studies concluded and in progress which, with the various awards already obtained, illuminate the path of this promising musician. ”

“Marcello Appignani”


- 1st prize at the Maria labia Callagaro I.P.C

- 1st absolute prize at the “ Alberghini Prize”

- 1st prize at the prestigious MAP international Cultural Exchange Music Competition

- 1st prize at the competition of “ Mogliano Veneto”

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