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Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia



About Me


Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia began studying the piano at a very young age under the guidance of
maestro Giancarlo Peroni.
Subsequently he graduated under the guidance of Prof. Manila Santini at the "Liceo
Musicale Statale Canova" in Forlì.
In the same year, under the guidance of Maestro Paolo Wolfango Cremonte, he obtained the
three-year academic title with full marks and honors at the "G.Lettimi" Musical Institute.
After having studied one year at the Pinerolo Academy with the masters Pietro De Maria,
Enrico Stellini and Andrea Lucchesini, Nicoló Giuliano Tuccia is currently attending the
Specialist Biennium at the B. Maderna Conservatory in Cesena, under the guidance of
Maestro Giuseppe Albanese


During his musical career, Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia perfected himself with various masters and
held national and international master classes.
The masters with whom he had the pleasure of improving are: Mauro Minguzzi, Alessandra
Ammara, Giovanni Valentini, Luigi Tanganelli, Riccardo Risaliti, Emanuel Krasovsky, Sergio
Tiempo, Inna Faiks, Massimiliano Ferrati, Roberto Cappello, Edith Fischer, Siavush Gadjev,
Antonio Pompa- Baldi, Pablo Galdo, Andrea Lucchesini, Giuseppe Albanese, Avedis
Kouyoumdijan, Hortense Cartier Bressan, Antony Tam, Jesus Maria Gomez and Elvin
Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia was also the winner of national and international awards, always
placing himself in the very first places.
The competitions where he distinguished himself "of Castel Maggiore, 1st absolute prize,"
Premio Zangarelli "1st prize, Competition" Città del Borgo dell'angelo "1st prize," Maria Labia
awards "1st prize," Map of the international music competition "1st prize , Piano Competition
"Ugo Amendola" 1st prize,
City of San Donà di Piave 1st prize,
"Kings Peak International Music Competition 2nd prize, winning the only special prize in its
category," City of Riccione "2nd prize," City of Magliano Sabina "2nd prize," Humberto
Quagliata Prize "2nd prize," mention of 'honor ”in the“ Sergio Fiorentino ”competition Online
piano competition etc.
This year he was awarded the “Rotary Club” scholarship of Cesena, winning a concert prize
plus a scholarship.
Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia has played in renowned concert halls both as a soloist and in
chamber ensembles such as: "Teatro Galli" in Rimini, "Teatro B. D'antona" in Castel
Maggiore, "Teatro Alighieri" in Ravenna, "Teatro degli Atti" of Rimini, "Foyer Respighi" of the
Municipal Theater of Bologna, "Sala Corelli" of the Alighieri Theater of Ravenna, "Sala della
Prefettura" of Forlì, "Teatro Talia" of Gualdo Tadino, "Circle of Officers" of Bologna, "Palazzo
Raffaello "In Urbino, Marco Biagi Room in Bologna, G.Fantoni Cultural Circle in La Spezia,
L. Dal Piccola Room in Cesena, M.K Ciurlionis, National Museum of Kaunas," Martin Codax
"Auditorium in Vigo, Main Hall of the University of Helnsiki , Telki Auditorium, Hungary etc.
There are various festivals in which Nicoló took part. Among the many we remember:
"Misano Piano Festival", "Ravenna Festival" "Festival della Romagna", "Festival of notes
among the badlands", "Clivis Umbria" and this year took part in the "Kaunas Piano Festival"
in Lithuania and at the Swing Music Fest in Hungary.
He played as a soloist the K414 of W.A.Mozart at the Masini musical institute, the 3rd
Concert of L.V.Beethoven with the "Circus Simphony Orchestra" of Padua, the K413 of
W.A.Mozart with the Chamber Orchestra of the Conservatory of Cesena in the hall of the
Eliseo arena in Cesena, with the “Malatesta Musicians“ the BWV1053 Concert by J.S.Bach
and at the A.Galli Theater in Rimini ”, music by Antimo D'Agostino with the“ Rimini Classica
He had the pleasure of collaborating with the conductors Stefano Pecci, Raffaele Valentini,
Parvi Shejazi and Antonio Raspanti.
Furthermore, Nicolò Giuliano Tuccia has just signed a contract with the “Doppio Movimento”
record company to record a disc dedicated to music by L.V.Beethoven, R.Schumann and



- 1st prize at the Maria labia Callagaro I.P.C
- 1st absolute prize at the “ Alberghini Prize”
- 1st prize at the prestigious MAP international Cultural Exchange Music Competition
- 1st prize at the competition of “ Mogliano Veneto”
-2nd prize at the “ San Donà di Piave international piano competition “
-2nd prize at the “ Kings Peak international music competition”
- Semifinalist at the “ Vigo international piano competition “
- Scholarship of the Cesena’s Rotary club 2022-2023


Haydn: HOBXVI:52
W.A.Mozart: K457,K333,K397, K545 e il K414 ,k413 per pf e orchestra
L.V.Beethoven: Op 2 n1, Op 13, Op 27 n1, Op 53, Op 81
Piano concerto n.3
F.Mendelssohn: Variation Serieuses
F.Chopin: Scherzo op 20, Ballata 1 Op 23, Sonata Op 35, serie di studi op 10 e op 25
Serie di valzer notturni
F.Liszt: Consolazioni 1,2 Ballata n 2 Sonata Dante,
Dei trascendentali il 6 e il 10, la campanella
R.Schumann: Kreisleriana Op.16 Papillons Op.2
J.Brahms: Scherzo Op4
S.Rachmaninov: 6 momenti musicali Op16
Tchaikovsky: Scherzo a là russe , valse sentimentale
C.Debussy: Da Estampes Jardins sous la pluie, Studio sulle ottave, ondine, Voilès
M.Ravel: Jeaux d’Eau, valses nobles et sentimentales
S.Prokofiev: Sonata 3 Op 28
A.Scriabin: Sonata N 5, studi n 2 e n9 Op 8
Chamber music:
L.V.Beethoven: trio Op 11, vìolin sonata n1,2,4,5,7 , trio Op1 n1-Op1 n3.
J.Brahms: Violin sonata 1-3 ,clarinet sonata 1-2
Trio Op8 and 114.
M.Glinka: trio Patetique
F.Schubert: Winterraise
R.Schumann: Quartetto Op 47
W.A.Mozart: Violin sonata n 1,2,4 Quartetto K478,493.



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