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Nazar Pylatyuk



My Bio

He is a postgraduate student of M. Lysenko L’viv National Music Academy (Ukraine) , and F.Liszt Music Academy (Weimar - Germany) master of Gold Medal ¨Ukrainian Art Academy ¨winner of international competitions.

N. Pylatyuk was born in 1987 in Ivano-Frankivs’k. He studied in Kyiv
(teacher Bohodar Kotorovych) and L’viv (teacher Ihor Pylatyuk) specialized
music schools. He participated the master-classes of the best pedagogues of
Europe and all over the world: Robert Canetti, Zachar Bron, Michael
Frischenschlager, Pavel Vernikov, Anna Chumachenko Shlomo Mintz.

From 2005 he has been studying at M. Lysenko L’viv National Music Academy.
He was awarded by L’viv City Council as the «Best Student of the year», he
was a President Grant holder. In 2009 he graduated from M. Lysenko L’viv
National Music Academy and entered here the postgraduate study.
Since 2010 Teacher of violin in National Music Academy named
M.Lysenko. In 2014 PylatyukNazariy received title ¨Doctor of Philosophy¨(Ph.D)
In this year he was awarded by Gold medal of Ukraine Art Academy for active concert activities, propagation of music of Ukrainian composers. He is rewarded by L’viv Regional State Administration and Regional Council (2010). From 2009 to 2011 he was a concertmaster of Symphony Orchestra of Opole Philharmonic Society (Poland) and was the youngest concertmaster in Polish symphonic performance. N. Pylatyuk is a winner of numerous international violin contents: M.Lysenko (Ukraine), K. Flesh (Hungary), Y.Yankelevich (Russia), B. Kotorovych (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Hero of Ukraine, the People's Artist of Ukraine, the Winner of the National Prize of Taras Shevchenko, famous Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk dedicated to N. Pylatyuk his new work – Concert № 7 for Violin and Symphony Orchestra.


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