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GAC Music Management

Gianni Latrofa

Pianist and Composer


My Bio

In 2007 Gianni released his first instrumental original album entitled “Cobalto”, followed by 'Viola' in 2008. “Infinito” was released in 2011, followed by "Piano Bells", holiday EP produced to celebrate his partnership with WorldSound Productions (U.S.).
"Ambra" (2014) is a piano and synth release with new stories and feelings.
In July-August 2015 Gianni composes the soundtrack of an Italian featured movie, "Quelli dell'Ariamara".
He worked as music director, composer and arranger for IDOTEA's music productions, where his music is featured in movies and short films.
His last album is "Spirito Nuovo" with a new artist name, Vanvenice (october 2017). This album is Gianni's special and delicate tribute to his hometown Venezia (Italy), in a minimal piano style. "Elle" is the last single (2019), followed by the crossover classical release of "Mixtura" (EP 2020) and 'Leave'.
"Ammiana" is his last album, a sort of bridge from piano minimal lines to the future.
Gianni’s live shows are mainly in the Venice (Italy) area, in stunning historical buildings. His show is a recital of about 90 minutes where his original songs are in part recomposed following the mood and the feedback of audience.


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“A melody that fills your heart and your soul with peace and serenity. Love it.”
— Simone Lando
“So MAGICAL and DELICATE. Sounds very sweet and pure.”
— Chen Ch
“Stupenda musica e bellissime le immagini!! sono rimasta incantata... complimenti sinceri! difficile non cliccare il pulsante "play" ancora.. e ancora.. infinito!!”
— Aligrandi
“Beautiful and peaceful music, Gianni. Great work!!!”
— Judyesther
“Wonderful Song. Beautiful but chilling as well!!”
— Ethonal
“Incantevole Brano!”
— Algadimare


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