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Cappella Gedanensis



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Vocal ensemble:
Adam Okrój (Bass)
Anna Asmus(Soprano)
Edyta Łuczkowska – Swat(Alt)
Grzegorz Zięba (Tenor)
Irena Surmacz (Soprano)
Joanna Sperska (Soprano)
Klaudia Trzasko (Soprano)
Małgorzata Lubińska – Falc(Soprano)
Marek Więcławek (Director, Tenor)
Mateusz Kołos (Tenor)
Piotr Macalak (Bass)
Piotr Wierzchnicki(Bass)
Sylwia Falecka (Alt)
Tamara Hejka-Grom(Alt)

Instrumental ensemble:
Alicja Lach-Owsiany (Cello)
Angelina Jagodzińska (Violin)
Elżbieta Boguszewska(Oboe)
Damian Wdziękoński (Team inspector, Double bass)
Hanna Brzozowska (Flute)
Katarzyna Kowacz (Violin)
Magdalena Szczypińska (Violin)
Małgorzata Grykaj (Viola)
Miroslaw Brzozowski (Trumpet)
Piotr Swat (Violin)
Przemysław Mazur (Violin)
Tomasz Mrowiński (Viola)

The Early Music Ensemble Cappella Gedanensis initially adopted a course of action based on the development of works of Gdańsk music, as well as concert and recording activities. Musicologists of the Academy of Music and musicians of Cappella Gedanensis undertook the task of compiling works by Gdańsk composers from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries on the basis of manuscripts.

Awareness of the rich legacy of baroque music in Gdańsk, the richest city in Poland at the time, set a difficult task for the beginning Cappella Gedanensis. The years of musicians' work have proved that the age-old brand of the Gdańsk band has not only been restored to the present day through the rediscovery of centuries-old masterpieces, but also strengthened by new projects.

Thus, the repertoire of Cappella Gedanensis includes works by such Gdańsk masters as: Franciscus de Rivulo, Paul Siefert, Kaspar Förster, Crato Büthner, Christoph Werner, Nicolaus Zangius, Johann Valentin Meder, Theophil Andresa Volckmar, Maximilian Dietrich Büthlichazar, and Christian Fretrich Freislich. The first of these musicians, Franciscus de Rivulo, is also the first bandmaster of the Municipal Councils Band. The ensemble also undertook the effort of introducing its listeners to the great oratorio and cantata masterpieces of the European Baroque. It is worth mentioning the works of such composers as: Georg Friedrich Händel, Jan Sebastian Bach,

Then - in 1992 - the group received the status of a cultural institution of the City of Gdańsk, as a continuator of the tradition of the Municipal Councils Band. An interesting fact is that the Kapela City Councilors had as many as 16 bandmasters in its history, of various nationalities, but only men. A specific signum temporis of the band's new birth is the fact that the band's founder, prof. Alina Kowalska-Pińczak - the first woman in this position.

The establishment of a cultural institution made it possible to significantly expand the scope of the activities of the Cappella Gedanensis ensemble.


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The band performed in Catalonia and showed great level and class. The audience was delighted. When the possibility of cooperation with Cappella appeared, I did not hesitate for a moment.
-- Alfons Reverté Casas

Congratulations to Gdańsk on such a good investment.
--His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales

It is full-blooded music: ravishing, full of radiant energy, with almost never-ending endurance, subtle in dynamic details and above all involved.
--Gmünder Tagespost

The concert of Cappella Gedanensis was one of those that captivates you from the very first note played. The baroque glorifying music beamed in full splendor.

Cappella Gedanensis is an extremely talented group of musicians.
--Nigel Kennedy


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