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Belluardo Risadelli

Music Band


About Me


President of the Association : Cataldi Gianluca (Legal representative)
Master and Artistic Director : Civello Corrado
Vice Master : Civello Sergio
Secretary : Juan Francisco Baglieri


The City of Modica Musical Band Belluardo-Risadelli was born on 23 June 2015 from the reorganization of a group of 7 musicians from the City of Modica Band, founded in the 70s of the last century. To date, the Belluardo-Risadelli Band has 70 active members in its staff and 75 students and 9 teachers in its Music School. Despite its young age, the City of Modica Musical Band Belluardo-Risadelli has already achieved great satisfaction, receiving appreciable recognition from the Administration of the City of Modica and from the general public for the many and remarkable activities that the musical complex has exercised since its inception.

The main stages of the short historical journey of the Band are the participation in the grandiose celebrations organized by the Municipality of Modica on the occasion of the Easter period, the celebration of the two Patron Saints of the city; San Giorgio and San Pietro, as well as the Christmas Concert with which the City of Modica Musical Band Belluardo-Risadelli pays homage to the city and its inhabitants.

In 2018, the Belluardo-Risadelli Band joined the ANBIMA National Association of Autonomous Italian Musical bands.

The concert activity still takes place at the provincial level but with the aims and intentions of establishing collaborative relationships through twinning at a national and international level.


“The performance and the music are hauntingly BEAUTIFUL…”

“This is AMAZING. My tears are running down. Music brings people together, and does not discriminate, or knows any boundaries.”

“I love how passionate and likeable the band was.”

“What is so impressive about the performance is the mature sound quality from such young players.”

“Fantastic, such a joy to see fabulous music like this alive and well in the world.”

“I hope it never ends. This was so beautiful. My compliments for this orchestra and the immortal sounds of music!”


Concerts and Services
The City of Modica Musical Band Belluardo-Risadelli expresses, every year, its function throughout the territory of the Municipality of Modica, through a long series of participations in institutional, historical, local and religious events as well as in a wide variety of concerts. Concerts, historical-religious-institutional parades and processions and rallies are the main means through which the Band manifests the fruits of the intense annual activity. To accomplish these objectives, the Band draws on its important archive of scores which is annually enriched with new acquisitions ranging from historical compositions to contemporary original pieces as well as transcriptions for wind orchestra or band. In the annual program, in addition to the approximately 21 interventions to be carried out, planned and agreed by the Administration of the city of Modica, the main appointments of the Belluardo-Risadelli Band, in which the association's efforts are most concentrated, are:
Musical interventions during the San Giorgio’s Celebrations (co-patron saint of the city);
The San Pietro’s Concert (co-patron saint of the city);
The Concert to be performed in the city of Philadelphia (scheduled for 10 October 2020);
The Parade in the majestic Columbus Day celebrations in New York City (scheduled for October 12, 2020);
The opening concert of the academic year of the "Peppino Galfo Free Music School", the music school of our Association (scheduled for October 2020);
The Christmas Concert of the City of Modica Musical Band “Belluardo-Risadelli”, offered by the Association to the city of Modica;
Organization of the Concert of the Youth Orchestra of the National Association of Autonomous Italian Musical bands ANBIMA;
Band gatherings to which our Association is invited, as well as,
The band meeting "When the band passed ..."


1.-Sabato di Carnevale
2.- Good Friday – Santa Maria’s Church
3.- Good Friday – San Giovanni’s Church
4.- Domenica delle Palme
5.- Festa della Madonna Vasa Vasa - Easter Sunday
6.- Festa di San Giuseppe – 1° May
7.- Festa di Maria Ausiliatrice
8.- Festa di Sant’Antonio
9.- Festa di Madonna del Carmelo
10.- Festa di Pozzo Cassero
11.- Festa della Madonna delle Grazie
12.- Concerto per la Festa di San Pietro
13.- Festa di Sant’Elena
14.- Corpus Domini
15.- Festa di C.da Quartarella
16.- Commemorazione dell’Eccidio di Passo Gatta
17. Festa di San Luca
18.- Commemorazione del 4 di Novembre
19.- Festa dell’Addolorata a Modica Alta
20.- Festa dell’Immacolata
21.- Festa di Santa Lucia



Music Skill

Teaching Skill


Performance Skill